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Conclusion of an agreement between Armenia and Eurojust shall bring the existing cooperation into a new level: Anna Vardapetyan met Eurojust President in the Hague


On March 6, 2024, Anna Vardapetyan, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia met Ladislav Hamran, President of  the European Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) in the scope of her working visit to the  Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Anna Vardapetyan thanked the President of Eurojust for a warm welcome and highly appreciated relations, already established between Eurojust and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia in the scope of the international-legal cooperation.


“I am sure, that this meeting and conclusion of an agreement on judicial cooperation in criminal matters between Armenia and Eurojust, envisaged to be signed in 2024 shall bring the cooperation in criminal proceedings into a new level and shall also contribute to the increase of efficiency of their examination”, mentioned the Prosecutor General of the Republic.


During the conversation with Ladislav Hamran, Anna Vardapetyan referred to the process of the requests for legal assistance under illicit drug circulation proceedings, attached importance to already implemented requests for legal assistance regarding corruption and financial crimes as well as 60 proceedings of money laundering and thanked the Eurojust President for the assistance provided in the scope of those proceedings.


During the meeting the parties discussed other issues of mutual interest.