RA Prosecutor’s Office

International association of prosecutors

The RA Prosecutor General’s office has been a member of the first non-governmental and non-political organization of prosecutors in the world - the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) since May 17th 1999.


The main objectives of the Association are promotion of human rights protection, ensuring the rule of law, promoting common standards of criminal prosecution and effective, fair, impartial and efficient prosecution of criminal offences. The IAP is a source of information and support for prosecutors, an organization without which the fight against crime cannot be effective.


The IAP carries out its activities by organizing and conducting annual and regional conferences, various projects on topical issues. The RA Prosecutor General’s office actively participates in them, as well as publishes and provides the members with the IAP journals and annual reports.     


Since 1995 130 States (120 organizations and individual members) have joined the IAP, the number of which is constantly growing.


URL: www.iap-association.org