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The leadership is the ability to bring people together around the idea: Anna Vardapetyan met the students of Leadership school


On March 8, 2024, Anna Vardapetyan, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia met the students of the Leadership school based on the invitation of Samvel Movsisyan, Head of the foundation and discussed, through a dialogue, the challenges and success stories of bringing people together around the idea of the rule of law.


The Prosecutor General told about her managerial experience, about the directions that she used for making a strategic plan in the field of the management, highlighting the transparency, justice, accountability and consistency.


When talking about the policy implemented with regard to the staff reforms in the Prosecutor’s Office, Anna Vardapetyan attached importance to the exclusion of impartiality and patronage, to the skill of bringing talented people around the idea as well as to the promotion of individuals ensuring quality work of the Prosecutor’s Office for years.


In this context the Prosecutor General referred also to the necessity of checking the integrity of operating prosecutors and candidates for prosecutors, taking into consideration the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office is the body authorized by the Constitution to submit a claim to the court on the state (community) interests protection as well as on the confiscation of property of illicit origin. 


In response to the question of one of the students on how to have law-abiding citizens, and whether we should start from school education, Anna Vardapetyan replied, “Reports on the law-abiding behavior are important, however if we want the school age child to demonstrate a law-abiding behavior, we must understand that, the school age child must have an idol demonstrating law-abiding behavior. The idol is rather a model of behavior than a person or fetish. We want our prosecutors visiting schools be the bearers of that model of behavior. We want the idol formed in the consciences of our children be kind, strong, fair and law-abiding”.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic addressed other issues of interest in a question and answer format.