RA Prosecutor’s Office


Territories of Buenos Aires park belonging to the state were alienated to natural persons in violation of the law: a criminal proceedings was initiated on the basis of prosecutor’s report


In the scope of the powers of initiating a claim on state (community) interests protection the Prosecutor’s Office of Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts of the city of Yerevan examined the procedures of registration of property rights over the land plot belonging to the state and allocated to “Buenos Aires” park located at Ajapnyak administrative district.


It was found out under the examination, that by the decisions of the Mayor of Yerevan city dated October 10, 2002 the boundaries of the land plot of "Buenos Aires" park located at the intersection of Margaryan and Halabyan streets were adjusted and the following addresses —65/6 and 65/4 Halabyan Str. were issued to unauthorized buildings located at the common use area intended for the sidewalk of the park and lawn. 


By the decisions of the Mayor of Yerevan city dated January 22, 2008 and May 6, 2009 the abovementioned territories included in the list of restrictions provided for by article 60 of the Land Code (territories not subject to alienation) were alienated through direct sale to natural persons by the officials of the municipality.


In particular, the building with the surface of 19.5 m2 and the land plot with the surface of 515.89 m2, located at 65/6 Halabyan Str., as well as the building with the surface of 36.28 m2 and a land plot with the surface of 42.16 m2, separated for the mentioned building, located at 65/4 Halabyan Str., were sold (through a direct sale) to individuals building unauthorized buildings in that territory.


Taking into consideration the fact that as a result of examination cases of alleged crime were revealed the Prosecutor submitted a report on the crime to the Anti-corruption committee.


A criminal proceedings was initiated in the Anti-corruption committee under part 1 of article 308 of the Criminal Code adopted on 18.04.2003.  


In the scope of the powers of initiating claim on state (community) interest protection the Prosecutor’s office shall undertake measures to return the property belonging to the community back to the community.