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Application announcement for the appointment of two expert members of the Attestation Commission adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General

On May 23, 2020, “Law on confiscation of property of illicit origin” will enter into force. On the same date, “Law on making amendments and supplements to the “Law on the Prosecutor's Office” (ՀՕ-245-Ն) connected with the abovementioned law will also come into force, on the basis of which open competitions will be held in order to replenish the lists of candidates for prosecutors carrying out functions aimed at confiscation of property of illegal origin and Deputy Prosecutor General, coordinating this field. Competitions will be held by the Qualification Commission adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General, in which, on the basis of Article 1 of the above-mentioned “Law on making amendments and supplements to the “Law on the Prosecutor's Office” two experts with at least three years of experience in scientific or practical work in the field of returning illegal assets or in investigation of corruption crimes should be involved. Experts are appointed by the RA Prosecutor General on a voluntary basis.


Taking into account the above-mentioned, considering the importance of conducting the process as publicly as possible and the need to involve two experts who meet the criteria stipulated  by law on a competitive basis, it is announced that those who wish may apply to the RA Prosecutor General’s Office submitting the following documents:


1. Application addressed to the RA Prosecutor General;

2. Identity document;

2. An autobiography (including the description of the professional activity and the activity carried out in the field of return of illegal assets);

3. Brief motivation letter for the involvement as an expert;

4. A document proving experience of at least three years in scientific or practical work in the filed of return of illegal assets or investigation of corruption crimes.

Documents are accepted until May 21, 2020 inclusive.


Documents should be sent to the email address with confirmation of an electronic digital signature or in a signed and scanned form. The applicant shall be notified of receipt of documents within one working day after receipt of documents by the same email address. If the submitted documents are incomplete, the application will not be considered, notifying the applicant of that within one working day.


For the appointment of experts, preference will be given to persons with more experience and reputation in professional field and in the field of return of illegal assets.


Information on the results will be posted on the official website of the RA Prosecutor's Office


For further questions, you can contact Personnel Management Department of the RA Prosecutor's Office (tel. 511-541, 511-698, 511-538).