Speech by the RA Prosecutor General ArturDavtyan in Yerevan on 25.09.2019 in the International Conference on "Current Issues of Forensic Expertiseand Criminology, Trends and Prospects for Development" Distinguished participants of the event, dear guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcoming all of us on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the National Bureau of Expertise of the RA Academy of Sciences and this long-awaited conference. On behalf of the Conference Program Committee and the Prosecutor's Office I wish you an interesting and productive work.


Conductingsuch a level event in itself symbolizes the productivity and effectiveness of the 15 years’ of activity of the National Bureau of Expertise.


The National Bureau of Expertise currently carries out 26 types of expertise, with about 129 expert subtypes and directions being the largest forensic organization in the Republic of Armenia.


Subdivisions of the institution, in some cases with small teams of experts, properly address the issues within the framework of their competence and responsibilities, providing scientifically sound solutions to even expert questions that are unprecedented by their type and scope.

Currently, the National Bureau of Expertise is the only expert institution in the Republic of Armenia (e.g. psychological, cultural, environmental, and other forensic types and subtypes).


These facts testify the unique, locomotive role of Bureau in our country as a scientific center.The initiatives and open ambitions of the Bureau's management and staff toward mastering and localization of global trends of development, expertise, science, technology and methodology,  which are the guarantees for the continued development and modernization of any such institution.


The National Bureau of Expertise is a full member of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), which gives it an additional opportunity to take effective steps to introduce international innovative technological opportunities in the field of forensic expertise in our country, in line with international standards.


The topic chosen for the conference, as well as the agenda issues that address the most urgent issues in forensic expertise, are fully in line with the current needs and requirements of our republic.


In this sense, the conference, especially in terms of its expected scientific and practical results, is of particular value to bodies, conducting prosecution and, in particular, to the Prosecutor’s Office, as the main responsible and legal guarantor for the effectiveness of the full criminal proceedings, the thoroughness and fairness of the investigations.This is also conditioned by our constant attention to the quality of the expertise, and the mechanisms that directly affect it. 


We are well aware of all the objective and subjective issues, challenges that are faced by the country's centers of expertise and the professionals representing them, from insufficient social guarantees to up-to-date technological insufficiencies.In spite of all this, our experts do invaluable, extensive work, sparing no effort to contribute to the objective assessment of evidence, the detection of crimes.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our experts for staying true to their professionalism and work, solving with an honor the issuesaddressed to them.


From the point of view of preserving, enhancing and developing the forensic expertise potential of our country, ways of investing financial means for technical upgrading, ensuring the continuity of the progress in the field, the RA Prosecutor's Office is actively taking steps in discussing with the RA Government the sector's issues, investment opportunities, and the solutions for them. Active steps are being taken to improve the social status of the experts, which is one of the most important preconditions for enhancing the attractiveness of the sector and ensuring the involvement of high quality professionals.


We strongly believe that many issues will be solved as a result of the improvement of the legislative field regulating the field, in particular as a result of the adoption and enforcement of the RA Law on Forensic Expertise.


As a result of discussions with centers of expertise for final drafting and completion of the law, a working group has been formed by the initiative of the RA Prosecutor General's Office and I hope that with our joint efforts, taking into account the views and approaches of professional circles, other interested institutions, we will be able to resolve this issue in the near future for regulating legal relations in the field of forensic expertise, eliminating gaps and uncertainties.


I would like to mention the efforts of our international partners toward the solution of the field issues of forensic expertise.


Particularly significant are the US partners' support in providing modern technical and expert research opportunities within the framework of the project "Fight Against Drugs and Law Enforcement Cooperation", and fight against transnational organized crime, as well as active cooperation with the Embassy of Japan to the Republic of Armenia in the study of Japan's advanced experience.


For the development of the forensic expertise field, the role of state stakeholder institutions is also of primary importance in terms of upgrading technical capacities of forensic expertise institutions, implementation of training programs for judicial experts through involvement in various international programs.


Dear attendees,


It is not a secret that one of the most important condition for ensuring a high quality investigation of crimes is the widespread use of special knowledge in the collection and evaluation of evidences.


In general, it directly relates to the theoretical-practical issues of fight against crime, as the efficiency of law enforcement agencies is increasing by solving them in the current state of unprecedented development of globalization technology.


We should not forget that these general tendencies also directly lead to the improvement of the methods of committing crimes, as well as the emergence of new types of crimes.


One of the key challenges in the fight for state and public security, protection of fundamental human rights, and against crime at the national and transnational levels throughout the world is to ensure the development of state, international law enforcement and security systems.The last is impossible without the enrichment of scientific and educational potential, expanding international cooperation in the fight against crime and rapid exchange of experience, application of special knowledge by experts of centers.


Effective and correct application of special knowledge is one of the key guarantees for avoiding from investigative and judicial errors, ensuring legality, and following the criminal procedure requirements.


The development of special knowledge in the modern world can no longer be imagined without the interactions and transformations of criminology and many sciences, especially mathematics and cybernetics.


In the Republic of Armenia different types of expertise are at different levels of development. Some of them have existed for decades, some have been newly created, theothers are being considered in the context of the overall development of forensic expertise leading to the emergence of new types of forensic expertise with the use of special knowledge.


In this context, we can state that the improvement of special knowledge in Armenia obviously needs more dynamic development.Our core wealth, as I have already mentioned, is the professional, human resource. But that resource can’t move forward together with the requirements of time and meet the current requirements without the steps, taken for the technical replenishment,   modern scientific and technical achievements aimed at ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the expertise, application of equipment’s, technologies, computer software apps.



We hope that the comprehensive discussions on the issues of ensuring scientific and technological activity of forensic expertise,modern methodological and technological research opportunities during the conference will support this combination. This is an urgent need also for avoiding possible delays in forensic examinations, given that the latter affects the timing of the preliminary investigation, as well as the procedural rights of participants in criminal proceedings.


 I consider it extremely important to discuss the methodological issues of organizing forensic examinations. It can be useful and consultative for our specialist, conducting criminal proceedings. Therefore also welcomed that criminal prosecution representatives participate in the conference, regardless of the narrow professional and knowledgeable nature of the event.


Dear attendees,


 There is no alternative to close cooperation of the forensic institutions of partner countries with relevant international centers in this field. This conference is a platform for each of the participating country to establish new scientific-practical relations, find new methods of cooperation and get acquainted with the best practice of forensic expertise. I am happy that with the initiation and organization of this conference National Bureau of Expertise takes a big and firm step for opening new horizons of international cooperation.


I am sure that each country participating in the conference will leave Yerevan not only with new  theoretical and practical knowledge, enriched with experience , but also full of new programs for cooperation, bilateral and multilateral scientific relations for the benefit of the development of forensic expertise, well-being, safety, justice, protection of human rights in all our countries.


Let this warm fall atmosphere of Yerevan  infect you all with the creative energy, a working vibe.


 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the National Bureau of Expertise I once again congratulate all the staff wishingfruitful activity and new achievements of development, and I wish this conference after the promising launch productive process and expected results.