Congratulatory message of RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan at the solemn session convened on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the RA Prosecutor's Office

Honored Prime Minister

Distinguished guests

Dear colleagues

Dear veterans


I am happy to welcome you on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the RA Prosecutor’s Office, which is of particular importance for our system. I want to cordially congratulate us all for having the title of the prosecutor and the employee of the prosecutor.

First of all I send my congratulations to our dear veterans who in line with vitality of the system, continue to live with daily routine of their dear system, feel happy for the achievements and help with their experience overcome the difficulties. This is very essential for us. Thank you for your contribution to the establishment and strengthening of our state and system.

Dear attendees,

During celebration of such professional days it is accepted to talk about achievements, evaluate the performed work , talk about what to do next. In this context, I would like to focus more on the values and priorities on which we base our current and future prosecutor's office.


As a very important achievement, I would like to single out the stability of the unified  system of the Prosecutor’s Office, the fact that it stands firm in its constitutional position. At the heart of that stability is the institutional memory, the tremendous historical experience, the honorable and responsible attitude towards the performance of duties, the care and compassion for the overall outcome. Such qualities cannot be expressed without state thinking, without adventurism, intrigue. The qualities, which were best manifested especially during the historical turning points of the previous year, in substantiating the detection of grave, particularly grave crimes, criminal prosecution, accusation, protection of state interests, significantly contributed to the maintenance of legal stability and security in our country.


I want to thank all of you for taking this exam, and thank the state officials for behaving politically neutral and remaining exclusively within the professional field. By this behavior, you, as an individual and as a team, strengthen the conviction of being an integral part for the establishment of statehood.


Even today, our prosecutors, without paying attention to threats and manipulations of the accused and defendants, perform their service conscientiously, often losing their sense of time because of workload and depriving them from the possibility to be surrounded with warm family atmosphere. Thank you for your professional duty  for demonstrating  that sacrifice and will.


Dear Colleagues,


One of the most important results from turning point events that took place last year, about which I talked many times is the sharp rise of level of crimes, especially corruption crimes, and public intolerance toward the injustice, and the unprecedented initiative of criminal law enforcement agencies, especially of Prosecutor’s Office to inform citizens regarding the criminal cases. We can certainly state that we have an invaluable partner in the fight against crime, such as an active citizen of the Republic of Armenia, who is It is incomparably more consistent and demanding. It is no secret that this unprecedented activity has led to heavy workload of all law enforcement agencies. But for us it is not a chance to complain, but to be more motivated. We have no right to waste this capital, which has been difficult to obtain and still seems unattainable dream for law enforcement agencies of many countries.


Achieving public trust is the result of tireless, coordinated work of all law enforcement agencies based on common perceptions of mutual respect, spirit of cooperation, fight against crime. I thank all our partners in the other law enforcement agencies for the established healthy working relations and effective cooperation. The systematization of our activities is one of the main guarantees for maintaining the legal balance in the republic and not deviating from the international legal obligations undertaken by Armenia.


It was conditioned by the realization of not making mistakes in the issue of securing that safeguards, as well as protecting the constitutional and fundamental rights of people that we escaped from short-sighted haste of taking measures against the fight of especially corruption crimes.


And today I am particularly proud to state that last year we had unprecedented results in the fight against corruption, both in terms of initiation of criminal cases, prosecuting officials, and in terms of restoration of the damage caused. I will not burden you with numbers. Let me just say that in all the directions that I have mentioned, we have many times more results than in previous years. These are due to three main factors. The first, as I mentioned, is the ongoing public support, and the second is the determination and consistency of the law enforcement agencies. And the third, which is of cornerstone importance, is  the priority given to the fight against corruption at the political level. The latter is objectively manifested by the executive authorities as a result of their internal control by informing the other law enforcement agencies about the criminal manifestations and various abuses . In this regard, I consider it necessary to emphasize one thing. Moreover, the detection of previously committed corruption crimes cannot be interpreted as a form of discrimination. It has one target - each criminal, regardless of whether they are former or current officials.  I think, criminal prosecutions initiated against the high-ranking officials does not raise any suspicions that this fight has only legal context. I assure you that the Prosecutor's Office has sufficient potential to carry out the functions arising from its independent constitutional status without any restrictions, in order to continue this fight with the same consistency.


We are proud of the results that we have achieved in the field of protection of state interests. Only in 2018, the total damage caused to the state by the lawsuits of state interests protection filed by the subdivisions of the Prosecutor's Office, submitted messages, initiated criminal cases and materials sent to the investigative bodies amounted to about 36 billion AMD. Within the framework of competence to file a lawsuits of state interests protection it was possible to detect the applied corruption mechanisms within the framework of projects implemented by state in separate fields. These results are certainly basis for us to insist that there is a need to broaden the field of realization of the most important function of the Prosecutor’s Office and create legal base for that.


Despite the above mentioned achievements, we are not satisfied with the results generally. Because we are confident that we can do more, because there is an adequate public demand to do so. 


It is already visible and tangible for us that in terms of increasing the effectiveness of the criminal and legal  fight against corruption, it mandatory to expand the legal mechanisms for the return of stolen assets from the state. We see the solution of the issue by the legislative changes based on balancing the public interest in the restoration of private and social justice of the inviolability of property.


We realize that the effectiveness of the fight against corruption cannot be increased without new institutional modeling structures aimed at the development of components of preventing, training and analysis. And being inspired by the launch of the ongoing reforms aimed at their investment, we have been involved in the development of relevant strategic solutions.


We are always consistent with full protection of the rights of a person in the processes of criminal procedural  and as a responsible for ensuring the legality in pre-trial proceedings, elaborating criminal policy, the Prosecutor’s Office tends to follow the best international practice, case law of the European Court , and find progressive solutions in line with the modern tendencies for the development of the right in general. From this point of view in the center of our attention are the fields of provisional detention, arrest,  the practice of following the reasonable trial deadlines and quality assurance of the investigation, within that framework as well as the implementation of expertise and etc. May be slowly but by joint efforts we will reform these fields with the involvement of all the interested and professional frames.


Dear Colleagues,


We are building a modern, aimed at fully satisfying public requirements, active Prosecutor's Office based on the concepts of functional independence and neutrality, and public accountability. The determination to be changed and change, our successes registered in the mentioned fields, which are one of the main pillars of the Prosecutor's Office for the prestige and credibility, allow us to look to the future with clear eyes and self-confidence. We are not afraid to be open and honest with public about the fundamental changes taking place in judicial and legal system.


I am sure that the reasons for maintaining certain public stereotypes in terms of the image of the Prosecutor's Office and prosecutors, in addition to the objective problems, have been conditioned by the lack of efforts to publicize real motivations, aspirations and goals of the system of the Prosecutor’s Office as well as prosecutors. We will break those stereotypes, we will be more attentive to the growing demands of our society, which is armed with information in the 21st century and is experiencing an unprecedented leap in legal awareness. We build our philosophy of activity on the greatest Christian and democratic ideas of human-centeredness and humanity.


The mission of a prosecutor is to be a professional, responsible, conscientious, ready to make well-founded decisions state official. An individual who realizes the responsibility and burden of this work, treats his work as a mission. An individual who expresses his awareness of being the bearer of the state and statehood not by the speeches of patriotism, but by seeing and combining the interests of the state and the citizen in the signatures put under each line and word of each court document authored by him. An individual who treats a citizen of his own country with respect and dignity. Today, with the use of our internal filters, we strive to hire the staff that meets these standards, having the vision of such a community of prosecutors for the benefit of the bright future of our state, our people and our system.


Hence, dear colleagues, having considered as honor to serve our homeland and people, fulfill faithfully professional and official duties, I want to have the same feelings of satisfaction and gratitude from the results of our work, as our society deserving our 101-year history and title of the prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia.


Peace, creativity and prosperous work and new accomplishments for all of us.