The speech of RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan on the the prosecutor's office worker's day.

The professional holiday of the RA Prosecutor’s office is a great opportunity for once again appreciating the way we have passed, to register all our achievements, to draw conclusions, to make a list of priorities in our further activities, which will later become the basic guidelines for the further work of system and the main criterion for productivity.

The prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Armenia has always played one of the main roles in the provision, development and accomplishment of stable and natural activities of the state legal system. The formation of the prosecutor’s office was a must to strengthen the fight against crime and improve the control over other bodies of state administration. The prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Armenia has been responsible for ensuring legality in the state.

Since the independence of Armenia all the legal reforms that have taken place in the country formed the basis for the new process of organizational and functional development of the prosecutorial system.  The legality of the pre-trial proceedings, the justification of the charge filed in the court, and sometimes the public’s perception of the fairness of judgments are also conditioned by the Prosecutors’ actions. The RA Constitution formed the new status of the Prosecutor’s Office, helped to rethink the fundamental activities directing them towards the fight against crime. The RA Laws on the Prosecutor’s office ensured the realization of the objectives that the prosecutor’s office has, simultaneously forming basis for the further development of the legal grounds for the activities of the system.

Constitutional reforms which took place on December 6, 2015, formed circumstances for the further development and continuous improvement of the prosecutorial system”.
In his speech the RA Prosecutor General marked a number of issues which were of utmost importance. They are as follows:

1.    One of the main issues is the ensuring of the unity, predictability and objectivity in the activities of criminal procedure.  The prosecutor’s office controls the activities of various state agencies, it has access to complete information and the opportunity to analyze these data thus taking responsibility to provide solutions of the matters that occur in the sphere of criminal justice. Active measures are being taken nowadays to provide solutions to the controversial issues.

2.    The other main priority of the RA Prosecutor’s Office has been and remains the fight against corruption. Though much has been done in this direction but we have to do our best to eliminate this evil from the Prosecutor’s office as well as all the other State structures. Under the provisions of International Treaties of fighting against corruption that Armenia has signed the Prosecutor’s Office is the first instance to take this burden. We fully realize this responsibility and are ready to be the first soldiers that fight against corruption by productive and fair behavior of each prosecutor.

3.    Another important issue in the prosecutor’s office actions is the fight against crime. The necessity to fight against crime is out of discussion. The mission of Prosecutor’s Office in this context is specific which is expressed, on one hand, by fully detecting of crime, finding all the criminals, making them liable, on the other hand, by protecting the rights of each of the parties involved in the criminal proceedings.

4.    As for all the democratic states, for Armenia as well it is very important to enjoy the trust of the society and for having this we should make all our activities public. The work of the prosecutor is sometimes very risky and complex, the way is hazardous but we are ready to continue our work with intolerance to crime and by making it transparent for our society and mass media.

Let me once again congratulate you and wish health, peace and happiness to you and your families, productive work in favour of our nation and state