18.05.2023 | 3 years’ imprisonment and fine: judgment on illegal felling

22 trees were illegally cut in the third reserve of Getik Forestry Enterprise of Chambarak Forestry branch of Hayantar SNCO, thus a damage was caused to the state in the amount of AMD 1 200 000.  


Under the criminal proceedings examined in the General Investigative Department of the National Security Service data were obtained on the fact that N.M., being the forester of Getik Forestry enterprise instructed S.S., forest guard of 3rd reserve of forestry enterprise to permit V.S. resident of Chambarak to perform, out of group interest, illegal felling from July 2019 until October 2019. 


As a result A.S., A.A., residents of Tavush region as well as individuals not identified by the examination, cut 22 trees from the 3rd reserve and transferred them to the wood factory operated by S.Ye.


During August-September 2020 charges were brought against N.M. the forester and S.S. the forest guard under part 1 of article 308, against individual entrepreneur S.E., under part 1 of article 325, against citizen V.S. under part 3 of article 38-296, part 1 of article 38-325 and part 1 of article 325 as well as against citizens A.S. and A.A. under part 3 of article 296 of the RA Criminal Code. 


On October 1, 2020, the supervising prosecutor submitted the criminal case and the indictment to the court.


On April 4, 2023, V.S., A.S., A.A., N.M., S.S. were found guilty under the court judgment. V.S. was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment, A.S. was sentenced to fine in the amount of AMD 1 000 000, A.A. — AMD 1 000 000, N.M.—AMD 250 000, S.S.—AMD 250 000. The criminal prosecution against S.E. was terminated on the basis of the expiry of statute of limitations.



 Notice:  A person charged with any crime shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code—by the judgment came into legal force.