01.04.2023 | 15 immovable properties in Ararat region, AMD 58,5 million: another statement of claim of the Prosecutor General’s office regarding the former Mayor of Masis town was accepted into proceedings of the court

Another statement of claim on confiscation of property of illicit origin was accepted into proceedings at the Anti-corruption court on 28 March.


The Department for Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the Prosecutor General’s Office submitted a claim with the court on confiscating from S.H, the former Mayor of Masis town and his affiliated persons in favor of the Republic of Armenia:


• 15 immovable properties in Ararat region and in case of impossibility the average market value thereof, which shall amount to AMD 288 086 250 in total.


• Participation in 1 legal person, market value of 5 movable properties and 5 immovable properties, not estimated yet.


• AMD 58 515 628, which was not substantiated by the lawful income of the person during 1998-2021, had an illicit origin and was transferred to the bona fide purchaser or could not be identified and was confiscated based on the legal regulation of Article 20, Part 4 of the RA Law “On forfeiture of property of illegal origin” (Where a property having an illicit origin was transferred to a bona fide purchaser or it could not be identified, separated or confiscated, in case of existence of a relevant claim and based on the decision of the court an amount equal to the market value of the property of illicit origin at the time of submission of the claim or, where it is impossible to find out the market value, an amount equal to the purchase price of that property shall be confiscated from the defendant).