01.04.2023 | The report on the activities of the Prosecutor's Office of 2022 was published

The Prosecutor General’s Office published the report on the activity of the Prosecutor's Office of 2022 in its official website, according to the RA Law on “Prosecutor's Office”. The latter includes information regarding the activities undertaken in the previous year, statistic data, comparative analyzes and conclusions.


The report on the investigation of crimes was also published by the Prosecutor’s Office in March 31, 2023, including the statistic data, comparative analyzes and conclusions.


The reports on corruption crimes and activities undertaken by the Department of Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the RA in 2022 was published as well.


Activities concerning the state of crime in Armenia, fight against corruption, protection of state interests, confiscation of property of illicit origin, timelines of the examination of proceedings (cases) are included in the framework of the report’s topics.


The statistics, the problems recorded, the work done directed at their solution, analysis and conclusions could be useful both for each citizen of the Republic of Armenia and theorists, practitioners, journalists, representatives of civil society, carrying out professional activities in the sector, as well as persons interested in the criminal policy of the Republic of Armenia.