30.03.2023 | Four immovable properties in Yerevan, 5 billion drams of illegal income remainder. The Prosecutor's Office's claim has been accepted for proceedings by the Аnti-Corruption Court

On the 23rd of March another case for confiscation of property of illegal origin was accepted for proceedings by the Anti–Corruption Court.  


The Department for Confiscation of Property of Illict Origin of the Prosecutor General's Office of the RA filed a lawsuit against S.A., the Head of the «Stones» LLC, 3 affiliated people in favor of the Republic of Armenia to confiscate:


  • 3 immovable properties located at the Aram street of Kentron Administrative District of Yerevan City, 1 immovable property located at the Acharyan street of Avan Administrative District, and if it is impossible, their average market total cost, which is more than 296 million AMD;
  • An amount equal to the average market total cost of the real estate at the Mashtots Avenue: 135 million 740 thousand AMD;
  • The acquisition cost of the 33.334 shares of the "TSUPANY" CJSC: 56 million 909 thousand 394 AMD;
  • 10 right of claim for unreturned parts of assigned loans: in the amount of 2 billion 72 million 182 thousand 335 AMD;
  • 5 billion 180 million 867 thousand 198 AMD as illegal income remainder;
  • An amount with the cost of 1 billion 706 million 303 thousand 920 AMD, not substantiated by the legal income of a person, having illegal origin, transferred to a bona fide purchaser, or cannot be identified or confiscated.