22.03.2023 | Manasyan, Deputy of the Prosecutor General, welcomed the students of the Eurasia international university schools

Anahit Manasyan, Deputy of the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia, welcomed students of Young Lawyer school of Eurasia international university and Young Diplomat School of Eurasia College in the framework of 105th anniversary of the Prosecutor’s Office and answered their questions.


During the conversation with the students, she talked about the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office as well as about the powers and functions of the law enforcement agency.


 Manasyan, Deputy of the General Prosecutor, presented the activities carried out in the field under her coordination as well as the agenda of reforms in the Prosecutor's Office. The works aimed at making the Prosecutor’s Office’s “Legality” magazine comply with the best international standards as well as qualities and skills necessary for becoming a prosecutor were also addressed by Anahit Manasyan.   


In the scope of the visit to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the students walked around the museum of the Prosecutr’s Office and learned the history of establishment of the Prosecutr’s Office.