21.12.2022 | The General Prosecutor's Office announces the launching of the process of making the scientific and practical journal "Legality" international

The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia has initiated reforms of the scientific and practical journal "Legality” aimed at changing the requirements and the policy of the journal, as well as meeting the standards of internationally known databases.


Reforms are undertaken in several directions under the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor General Anahit Manasyan, they are: statute, composition of the editorial board, standards for articles, scientificity of articles to be published, schedule and periodicity of publication, mandatory and secret review institute, etc.


From now on, professionals with at least PhD degree in legal sciences having articles published in databases that meet international standards can become members of the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal "Legality".


Following the international best practice, steps are being undertaken to expand the geography of the members of editorial board by means of including foreign lawyers and scientists.


A number of lawyers with high international reputation have already expressed their willingness to be involved in the editorial board.


The Prosecutor's Office will soon publish the composition of the editorial board.


Taking into account the changes of the standards presented to the articles, as well as the introduction of the compulsory review institute, the scientific and practical journal "Legality" will then be published twice a year.


See the new requirements for articles to be submitted for publication here.