14.12.2022 | Public criminal prosecution against R.H., former president of the “Football Federation of Armenia” Union of Legal Entities

R.H. holding the position of the President of the “Football Federation of Armenia” Union of Legal Entities, with the substantiation that the land plot located at 35/31 Acharyan Str, is allegedly inappropriate for the Union waived from the land plot and delivered it to the municipality of the city of Yerevan.


The Union was deprived from the ownership right over the abovementioned property, after which R.H. continuing his criminal intent, induced the official having the power to manage the property of Yerevan municipality and not identified by the examination and by using his official position against the interest of the service, alienated three land plots located at Acharyan Str., to persons related to him through public formal auction, thus causing the municipality of Yerevan property damage in particularly large amounts, as well as legalized the abovementioned land plots received through crime.


Based on the factual data obtained during the criminal proceedings examined in the Anti-Corruption Committee on December 14 the supervising prosecutor rendered a decision on initiating a public criminal prosecution against R.H: the decision was submitted to the Anti-Corruption Committee for bringing charges against R.H.


Notice:  A person charged with any crime shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code—by the judgment came into legal force.