11.11.2022 | Within the project to acquire nursing houses for the elderly with the assistance of officials, the director of the company fraudulently embezzled a particularly large amount of money

A criminal case was initiated against P. T., the Director of the LLC “Lexhub” for the official abuse and official forgery with the assistance of the former officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


The director of the company, being 100 percent shareholder and director prepared and used false documents and embezzled a particularly large amount of money with the officials of the Ministry.


It is worth mentioning that according to the Decision of 2019 of the Government, the Ministry was allocated 2  billion 380 million 457 thousand AMD, out of which 270 million for acquiring buildings and apartments and furnishing, including acquirement of boarding houses for the elders.


The Director of the company, taking part in the bidding announced by the Ministry, with the intention of stealing particularly large amounts of money, submitted an application for participation and prepared a false technical specification of the product to be supplied.


In particular, the private houses acquired in two villages of Armavir Region, which had two bathrooms according to the documents and were suitable for living according to the documents, were found out not to comply with the technical specifications of the Ministry. However, the evaluation commission of the procedure of urgent purchase from one person recognized the LLC as an elected participant and confirmed the contract.


Besides, the Secretary General of the Ministry, being aware of the technical specification not complying, confirmed with positive conclusion by other officials of the Ministry that there were not any inconsistencies between the specifications and property. The contracts between the Ministry and LLC of the private houses with the market value of 18 million 205 thousand and 18 million 495 thousand AMD were concluded with the value of 26 million 730 thousand and 26 million 950 AMD, which was sent to the LLC. In the result the Director of the LLC stole 17 million 160 thousand AMD.


The preliminary investigation is underway. Necessary measures are undertaken to identify the full range of persons involved in the corruption scheme and initiated public criminal prosecution against them.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.