01.11.2022 | Launching of the unified account for the recovery of the damage caused to state was discussed under the leadership of the Prosecutor General

The payments for recovery of damage caused to the state and communities in the phase of pre-trial proceedings of the criminal cases must be made on a unified treasury account. This was announced by the Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan during the meeting of interdepartmental working group established according to the Decision of the RA Prime-Minister.


The representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, Anti-Corruption Committee, National security Service, State Revenue Committee, as well as Investigative Committee were taking part in the meeting.


The Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan greeted the participants of the meeting and informed, that the working group must submit the conclusion on organizing the procedure of investing a unified treasury account with its financial and legal components till the end of the year. “The issue is very important, all of us should be interested in establishing a unified account, as mentioned by the Prime-Minister many times, for having the total amount of the recovered means caused to the state every year, so that it was shown in the incomes of the state budget”, underlined Anna Vardapetyan.


Armen Marukhyan, the Head of the Department of Organization, Supervision and Legal Assistance of the Prosecutor General’s Office represented the outcomes and fixed issues of the studies made in the frame of the existing regulations of the recovery of the damage caused to the state or the communities, which obstacle the management and accounting of recovered funds.


Particularly, the studies have shown that the damage caused to the state or communities investigated in competent bodies is restored to the deposit accounts of various preliminary investigation bodies or the prosecutor's office, to the state and joint accounts of the SRC. "In some cases, the damage caused is restored to the account of the organization to which the damage was caused by the crime, and often the damage caused by the criminal proceedings investigated in one preliminary investigation body is restored to the deposit account of another preliminary investigation body," informed the Head of the Department.


During the meeting, the representatives of the state bodies referred to the issue of introducing an effective mechanism for the recovery of damage caused to the state and communities, in parallel, to start an inventory of the money transferred to various state bodies for this purpose during the years, recommendations were also given, and deadlines were set.


The meetings of the working group will be continuous ensuring observance of the deadline set according to the Prime Minister's decision.