27.10.2022 | The Prosecutor General's Office: A number of investigative and judicial actions carried out in the framework of the case of October 27

No. 62207199 criminal case regarding the incident of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia in October 27, 1999, is under investigation in the Investigative Department of the National Security Service.


A number of investigative and judicial actions were carried out as of 2022:


A number of persons were interrogated, including Nairi Hunanyan, Karen Hunanyan, Derenik Bejanyan, Ashot Knazyan, Anahit Bakhshyan, Ashot Gasparyan, Hrachya Sargsyan, Karen Khachaturyan, Gagik Harutyunyan, Taron Sahakyan, Jora Sargsyan, etc.


A number of documentation seizures have been committed.


  1. The personal files of Eduard Grigoryan, Vram Galstyan and Hamlet Stepanyan were seized from the respective penitentiary institutions in order to clarify a number of questions during the investigation regarding the reasons of their deaths.


       2. Cases regarding this incident have been seized from various departments of the police and other government agencies, which are currently under investigation.


Sound and image expertise were scheduled based on the seized video and sound recordings, which are in the stage of implementation.


The applicants were interrogated about the received applications, the attached documents and discs, the submitted documents and discs were examined.


Based on the factual data obtained in the result of the judicial actions during the preliminary investigation, a number of investigative hypotheses were put forward in order to find out the full circumstances of the case, and an investigation plan was drawn up in order to verify them.