11.10.2022 | Public criminal prosecution has been initiated against a person with the highest status of criminal hierarchy

In the scope of the criminal proceedings initiated under the judicial supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region, factual information was obtained that A. J., being a "thief in law", maintained the highest status of criminal hierarchy.


Thus, the preliminary examination revealed that A. J., being a "thief in law" according to the rules of conduct defined and recognized by the criminal subculture group intervened in the settlement of the dispute between two residents of Odzun village, Lori Region.


In particular, aimed at finding out the solution of the previous and ongoing dispute between A.J., A. M. and V. B. had a telephone conversation with A. M., during which he gave instructions to A. M., demanding to reconcile with V. B., but A. M. objected to perform A. J's demands then interrupted the ongoing conversation.


A.J., considering the interruption of the conversation as an insult to his highest status of criminal hierarchy, the "thief in law", instructed A.Z.J. to punish A.M. On the same day, A. Z. J. met A.M., but the latter shot at A. Z. J. from the shotgun he had with him and killed him.


Taking into account that the above-mentioned act has the characteristics under Article 223.1, Part 1 of the former Criminal Code, a public criminal prosecution was initiated against A. J. by the decision of the supervising prosecutor.