04.10.2022 | A new member of Ethics Committee adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General was elected

A meeting was held today chaired by the Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan in order to elect a new member of the Ethics Committee adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General. The session was legally competent.


Chairman Vardapetyan suggested the participants of the session to present the candidates of the prosecutor members of the Committee. It should be noted that a prosecutor with at least 3 years of work experience in the position of prosecutor can be nominated as a candidate.


Taking into account the fact that the participants did not present a candidate, the Prosecutor General personally nominated the candidate, Koryun Serobyan, Deputy Head of the Department of Supervision over the Legality of Pre-trial Proceedings in the RA Anti-Corruption Committee of the Prosecutor General's Office.


The participants of the session elected three members of the Counting Committee by a simple majority of votes in order to organize and conduct the closed, secret voting.


After the voting, the results were published, according to which Koryur Serobyan was elected as a member of the Ethics Committee adjunct to the Prosecutor General of the RA with 38 votes for and one against.