30.09.2022 | The Prosecutor General Vardapetyan organized a Board Meeting: the new Deputy Prosecutor General was represented

A Board Meeting was held today chaired by the Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan.


Before addressing the issue of the agenda, the members of the Board observed a minute of silence in memory of the Armenians who died bravely in the result of the aggression by Azerbaijan.


Taking into consideration that since September 26, 2022, the position of the Deputy Prosecutor General has been vacant, Anna Vardapetyan, introduced Artur Poghosyan, the candidate for Deputy Prosecutor General to the members of the Board, in accordance with the legal regulation of the Law "On the Prosecutor’s Office", referred to the candidate's biography, personal and professional qualities.


Following the recommendation of Prosecutor General Vardapetyan, members of the Board expressed their opinion on the recommendation, unanimously emphasizing Artur Poghosyan's high professional and human qualities, professionalism and devotion to the work.


Concluding the discussion of the issue, the Prosecutor General, noted that we are living in a period when we have to face internal and external challenges. "Today, everyone's position is a trench. Mr. Poghosyan, I am glad that you are coming back to the Prosecutor's Office. Surely, you are one of those people with whom I am ready to keep that trench literally and figuratively. Wish you good service, welcome back. It is my pleasure to put my signature under your appointment document," the Prosecutor General pointed out.


Artur Poghosyan, the candidate for the Deputy Prosecutor General, expressed his gratitude for all the opinions and appreciations, assuring that he will do his best to maintain the reputation and honor of the Prosecutor's Office on the highest level.