27.07.2022 | The 12th suit of the prosecutor's office on confiscation of property of illegal origin accepted for consideration

On June 28, 2022, the 12th claim for confiscation of property of illegal origin was filed with the Court of First Instance of Yerevan, which was filed on June 28, 2022. On July 11 a criminal case was initiated.


According to the latter, the Department for Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the RA General Prosecutor's Office submitted to the court a petition for the confiscation of Manvel Grigoryan's heirs and persons associated with him in favor of the Republic of Armenia, in particular:


• 28 real estate objects located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, 16 vehicles, and if not possible, their average market value, for a total amount of more than 2.552.000.000 AMD, as well as shares in 6 legal entities.


• The right to claim a loan in the amount of 668.160.803 drams was granted to legal entities.


• 19.236.606 drams as the balance of illegal funds, 18.656.316 drams as the balance of deposits, as well as 17.027.871 drams, which are not substantiated by the legal income of the person, are of illegal origin and cannot be confiscated on the basis of illegal origin - part 4 of article 20 of the Law on Confiscation of Property.


In the near future, the agency will also file lawsuits for the confiscation of illegal property in other cases in which preliminary security measures have already been applied.