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18.07.2022 | Repeat offender commits new crimes because of early release in the result of unreasonable court decisions

The unreasonable decision of the courts on releasing the repeat offender, rejecting the objections and appeals submitted to higher courts by the prosecutor's office, the person released early committed new crime, including particularly serious crimes.


In particular, on June 28, 2017, was convicted, E. Yedigaryan was convicted under Article 161, Part 2, Point "c" of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He was sentenced for 4 years imprisonment.


Based on the negative reports of the penitentiary and probation services of the RA Ministry of Justice, the head of the "Armavir" prison of the RA Ministry of Justice made a decision on April 16, 2021 to grant early release to the convict E. Edigaryan or change the punishment with mild not to submit to the court the issue of paroling Yedigaryan from serving the sentence or replacing the part of the sentence not served with a milder punishment. The convict appealed this decision to the court, during the appeal hearing, the prosecutor objected to the conditional release of the convict from the sentence.


Despite the above-mentioned circumstances, the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Armavir Region, granted E. Yedigaryan’s appeal by the Decision of 07 December 2021, and he was released from serving the rest of his sentence - 1 year 3 months 9 days.


The Prosecutor's Office filed an appeal and then made cassation appeals against this decision of the court, which, however, were rejected by the RA appellate and cassation courts. In the result, E. Yedigaryan was released.


Later, the latter, being under supervision, was arrested in 2022 in the criminal case initiated in Artashat Division of Ararat Regional Department. On April 15, he was involved as an accused under Article 138, Part 1 and Article 139, Part 1 of the former Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.


Then it was also found that, committed another particularly serious crime again. In particular on April 15, 2022 at around 19:00 o’clock, he hit two people with hands and sticks, in the result of which they died on the site in the village of Nakhijevanik, Askeran region of the Republic of Artsakh.


Yedigaryan was arrested and was charged under Article 103, Part 2, Point 1 of the NKR Criminal Code within the framework of the criminal case being investigated by the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia.