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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

11.07.2022 | Prosecutor's Office warns to refrain from voluntary or involuntary actions leading to state treason: the criminal consequences will be severe

The state of the investigation regarding the disastrous consequences of the aggressive war unleashed by the military and political leadership and armed forces of Azerbaijan during September-November, 2020 were studied at the RA General Prosecutor's Office, as well as the state treason against the defense of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh in the post-war period.


The investigation of the investigated and pending criminal cases regarding state treason revealed that in all cases, RA citizens were in the center of attention of Azerbaijani special services employees, accepted the offer of special services employees in exchange for material benefits.


In the result, the enemy was able to make accurate calculations of the resources of the Armenian Armed Forces during the war, specify the number of individual forces and means of the Armenian Armed Forces, got the opportunity to specify the occupied positions, the possible volumes and probable nature of the tasks to be carried out by individual military units, as well as targeting the military equipment and human contingent of the Armenian Armed Forces solving combat problems and cause significant losses.


The study proves that there were mainly two methods of recruiting the RA citizens by the employees of the foreign special services. In the initial period, the method of recruiting the RA citizens in the Republic of Turkey, as well as in any other third country, was mainly used.


Later, the employees of the foreign special services began to recruit the RA citizens using Internet communication tools. In particular, employees of foreign special services opened individual user accounts with the personal data of Armenian women on various social network platforms, mainly on “Facebook”, “Tik Tok”, “Odnoklassniki”, and targeted those in military uniforms or those containing information confirming the connection with the military service in the same social networks account holders.


Then they contacted the latter through the "Messenger" and "WhatsApp" applications combined with the user accounts and after a certain period of personal contact, they informed the latter about being special service employees and offered to recruit and transfer them other information of state, service or important strategic importance regarding structures the RA Armed Forces and other strategically important personnel for money.


Contacts with recruited RA citizens have sometimes moved to real life. According to the available factual data, the meetings between the employees of foreign special services and the recruited RA citizens were organized mainly in the Republic of Turkey, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.


Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia considers it necessary to warn to refrain from such actions, which are absolutely unacceptable from both a legal and a moral point of view, and in case of entering into communication with strangers, in case of receiving offers from them to provide similar information, to immediately inform the law enforcement authorities.


At the same time, we warn the servicemen to refrain from taking photos that give the opportunity to determine the location, especially in military units, especially in combat positions. Besides these information provide the enemy opportunity to make appropriate analysis, they also allow targeting specific individuals, establishing contact with them, recruiting them and obtaining information of interest.


In case the crimes are confirmed, the Prosecutor's Office will demonstrate a particularly strict and principled approach.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia sent a motion to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia in order to abolish a number of conditions and reasons.


10 criminal cases are being investigated at the Investigative Department of the National Security Service of the RA on state treason during the 44-day war of Artsakh on 2020, 43 people are accused, out of them 10 people are detained.


3 criminal cases regarding the same period of time initiated on 12 people have been sent to the court, out of them 11 people are under custody.