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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

08.07.2022 | The court accepted the application on confiscation of property and assets of illegal origin with a total value of 8.2 billion AMD from Vachagan Ghazaryan and affiliates for review

The 11th application regarding the confiscation of property of illegal origin was submitted to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan City on May 31, 2022 for review. 


According to the lawsuit, the Department for Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the RA General Prosecutor's Office submitted a request to the court to confiscate from Vachagan Ghazaryan, the former Deputy Head of State Protection Service of the National Security Service of the RA, and 4 affiliates in favor of the Republic of Armenia, in particular:


  • 17 apartments, areas, buildings, vehicle stattions in Yerevan city, 4 of which are situated in Avan administrative district, 5 in Tsovakal Isakov avenue, 5 in Teryan street, as well as in Aygestan, Amiryan, Khorenatsi streets, a rest complex in Kotayk Region (Tsaghkadzor community) ), 1 plot of land in Armavir region (Community Artamet), 6 means of transport, and in case of impossibility, the average market value of the mentioned immovable and movable properties, which is AMD in total,
  • Right to participate in 8 legal entities,
  • The average market values ​​of 6 real estates and 4 transport means located in Stepanakert are 337.780.000 AMD.
  • AMD 137.216.729 as funds and deposits in bank accounts,
  • AMD 1.743.409.007, which is not substantiated by the legal income of a person, has an illegal origin and cannot be confiscated based on Article 20, Part 4 of the Law on Confiscation of Illegal Property. In total 8.225.599.616 AMD.


In the near future, the department will continue to file applications for the confiscation of illegal property in other cases.