01.07.2022 | Artur Davtyan's speech at the solemn session of the Board of the RA Prosecutor's Office convened on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the establishment of the RA Prosecutor's Office and the Day of Employees of the Prosecutor's Office

On July 1, the RA Prosecutor General's Office hosted a solemn meeting of the Collegium of the RA Prosecutor's Office, dedicated to the 104th anniversary of the RA Prosecutor's Office and the Day of the Employee of the Prosecutor's Office. On the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the establishment of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia and the Day of the Employee of the Prosecutor's Office, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia and the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Artsakh delivered a congratulatory speech.


Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan delivered a speech in which he stated:


Dear Prime Minister,


Dear colleagues,


Dear veterans!


I heartily congratulate all of us on our professional holiday - the Day of the Employee of the Prosecutor's Office.


It is an honor for me to be a part of a 104-year-old system that has a great institutional memory, stands at the foundations of our statehood, is at the forefront of maintaining the rule of law and, as a state body, is exemplary in its development, its mission, its vocation and fidelity to constitutional functions. A system that keeps pace with the demands of the time and the development of legal thought, with a solid age, but with youthful energy and determination.


For the existence of such a system, first of all, of course, we are grateful to our veterans of the prosecutor's office, our grateful representatives of the older generation, who, with their professional honesty and professionalism, shaped the face of the system, were its engine, and in their strict, demanding, but at the same time caring partnership new generations of prosecutors have taken practical first steps, assimilated the traditions of the system and formed in them state thinking. We are sincerely grateful to you, dear veterans, for your merits, for the fact that today you live with the cares of your beloved system, for moral support, for your readiness to transfer your experience and skills to new prosecutors.


Of course, a professional holiday is an occasion and an opportunity to evaluate achievements, evaluate problems, without which it is impossible to outline new perspectives and strategic goals.


We continue to act as the locomotive of criminal policy. And especially in recent years, we have firmly fixed this role on the inevitability of punishment and the implementation of the principles of equality of all before the law. We have made every effort so that our citizens, who place such hopes on law enforcement agencies, see today that there are no privileged and protégés for the prosecutor's office, both insiders and outsiders.


In recent years, the number of officials prosecuted for corruption crimes has more than doubled. The profile of these individuals, including both former and current high-ranking officials, should dispel any illusions about the possibility of any unlawful protection or patronage. Especially in 2020, after a disastrous war, the slightest deviation from this course is tantamount to a betrayal of the state and the ideals for which our brothers fell. This is the credo of today's prosecutor's office.


The public began to expect more from us, too often criticizing us for being slow. Yes, our work has not been perfect, and the public always has a legal right to make such demands. There is always more to be done, but we must also be honest.


We have chosen the path of democracy, excluding legal adventures. Our state has set the task of restoring social justice exclusively through legal procedures. And the legal path is based on the recognition and respect for the rights of all equally and the creation of full opportunities for their implementation by the state. Our chosen principles of competitive fairness and the rule of human rights require us not only to be consistent and persistent, but also to be patient in achieving our goals.


The prosecutor's office, shoulder to shoulder with other law enforcement agencies, began to do this, with its main task to identify and compensate for the damage caused to the state on an unprecedented scale. And the results being reported now can only instill a sense of pride in anyone with an inside look at the work and its intricacies.


For this, I must thank my colleagues, all our representatives of the law enforcement system, who stand with us in the same trench in the fight against corruption and crime.


In this struggle, we have made the prosecutor's function one of the main instruments for protecting state interests. Within the framework of the right to apply to the court in defense of state interests, our research allowed us not only to identify large-scale corruption abuses, but also to dismantle schematic, traditional corruption chains, to transform legal norms in order to exclude them.


Only as a result of the implementation of this prosecutorial function, the total damage caused to the state was revealed, when comparing the 1st and 2nd 6-year terms since 2010, it increased by about 5 times, amounting to about 140 billion drams.


A new institutional tool for combating corruption is, of course, the new function of the prosecutor's office to confiscate property of illegal origin, as a result of which, in less than 2 years of work, the total value of property of illegal origin subject to confiscation in monetary terms, only for a dozen lawsuits filed with the court, is almost 50 billion drams.


The Prosecutor's Office considered it its mission to introduce advanced norms and values ​​for the protection and realization of individual rights in criminal proceedings in accordance with modern trends in the development of legal thought, to ensure legal certainty in the country. And we have succeeded in abandoning many of the most tendentious traditions of the past. In the context of the right to a fair trial, the new norms introduced by the prosecutor's office are aimed at improving the practice of pre-trial detention and other areas of cross-examination, ensuring the fundamental human right to be free from torture, and the established decisions of the collegium are guidelines not only for the criminal prosecution authorities. Whether our partners admit it or not, no, today there is no widespread practice of detention. To be convinced of this, I will refer only to one data.


If in 2017 petitions for a preventive measure in the form of detention were filed against 24.6% of the defendants in cases considered in the proceedings, then in 2021 - only 12.7% of all defendants, that is, almost in two times less than in 5 years. Moreover, this indicator, as a rule, progressively decreased every year.


One of our most important achievements, I consider the results achieved in the direction of turning the prosecutor into an active subject of criminal proceedings and a significant increase in the significance of prosecutorial acts. The multiplication of quantitative indicators of prosecutorial decisions, orders, agendas aimed at eliminating the conditions and causes of crimes, numbering in the thousands, and increasing the level of their validity and objectivity, are unmistakably the result of ensuring the objectivity, completeness and versatility of the investigation, in many cases revealing crimes in hot pursuit, with agendas in various spheres of public life, in case of amendments to legal norms, specific proposals, from the imperatives of preventing such new crimes.


Our duty, in accordance with the spirit of law and right, relying on our inner conviction, the inner voice of justice and conscience, on the one hand, to prevent the criminal prosecution of innocent people, on the other hand, to ensure that real criminals are punished, thereby strengthening the faith of society in the viability of the idea of a constitutional state subject to legal protection. In the hotbed of conflict between private and public interests, the prosecutor is a professional and balanced person and simply does not have the right to make a mistake.


There is no doubt that these key, urgent problems cannot be solved without approaching work as a real mission, which requires many temptations, personal impulses, the will to restrain human emotions, and to choose loyalty exclusively to the letter of the law. This result, which requires restrained effort and sacrifice, is the reason why we prove the reality that we are one of the most stable systems, ensuring the integrity of the backbone of our statehood and honoring our international partners by passing with dignity through a difficult period of fundamental changes, epidemics, wars and post-war upheavals.


And I will not stop thanking my colleagues for this, because it is not just about the authority and unity of the system, the status of independence and neutrality of the prosecutor's office, which in itself is an important indicator of assessment, but about strengthening the state, maintaining the constitutional order and ensuring internal legal security.


We will come and go in our posts, but the prosecutor's office will always stand on the towers of the fortress of our statehood.


This is the mission of every generation of prosecutors.


And we, as front-line soldiers, are obliged to constantly improve, educate ourselves, develop our professional abilities, being constantly ready for new challenges.


We also have a moral mission to be an example of a worthy, law-abiding and legitimate citizen of the Republic of Armenia with our professionalism, responsibility and integrity in relation to work, our daily behavior and lifestyle.


You should always be guided by the realization that you must earn the right to accuse and judge someone not only by your position, but also by your life, inner morality and value system. There is no happier moment in our work than when you see in the eyes of a person the satisfaction that you have applied your authority in the name of justice and legality.


And I, as Prosecutor General, am happy to report that our ranks are replenished with people with such a system of values. Of course, there are exceptions, but they only confirm the pattern. Laziness, indifference, self-centeredness, weakness and poverty are inexcusable extravagance in our system, given the tasks facing our country.


Dear colleagues,


The results and achievements that I have mentioned are important prerequisites for looking to the future of the system with confidence, a clear vision and self-confidence to be able to do more. There is a lot of work to be done, many current undertakings to be brought to their logical conclusion, and new ambitious tasks to be set.


New Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes come into force today. Overcoming this transition period due to the innovations proposed by the new codes is undoubtedly a serious task for the prosecutor's office, as a state institution that ensures control over the legality of criminal proceedings. It is our duty to ensure the smoothest possible implementation of the new legislation by providing the necessary assistance to other criminal prosecution authorities.


We also do not forget that we are indebted to our people and to our Armenians, who dedicated their lives to the holy cause of defending the Motherland. Massive criminal cases related to the 2020 war must be brought to a logical decision within a reasonable time. Answers of many unresolved questions related to the war must be obtained in the criminal sphere. It is necessary not only to ensure fair punishment of the perpetrators, to give legal assessments of specific situations that entailed grave consequences, but, above all, based on the imperative, to exclude the repetition of criminal mistakes and omissions made during the war.


Therefore, once again congratulating us all on our professional holiday, I wish you all health, personal and family peace and harmony.


I wish you patient, persistent and consistent work. I want to achieve joint serious results, maintaining systemic unity, being each other's support, sharing each other's care, for the benefit of our holy Motherland, the strength of our statehood and the bright and prosperous future of our nation.