23.06.2022 | Persons not having the right to be included in the state program of donating apartments to graduates of child care organizations were involved; a criminal case has been initiated

An examination was initiated at the Department of State Interest Protection of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia on the ground of the documents received from the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia.


It was found in the result of the examination that the list of child graduates of child care organizations was confirmed by the Decision N 1325-N of August 13, 2020. It was foreseen by the decision that 163 beneficiaries included in the list were going to be donated departments until September 1, 2022.


According to the contracts concluded between the beneficiaries and the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia during 2003-2010 the beneficiaries were obliged to inform the ministry about moving to another place for living permanently or up to 6 months. In addition, not living in the apartment more than 6 months the action of the contract is terminated with the exception when the latter serves in the Armed Forces, is in the prison or is not at the place of residence for purposes of treatment and education.


But it turned out that one of the beneficiaries died still in 2018, 27 beneficiaries were abroad more than 6 months, 15 people out of them were abroad for 2 years consecutively. 47 beneficiaries did not use electricity for six months during a year, out them 3 people did not lived in the Republic of Armenia. 6 beneficiaries have registered property.


In other words, non-fulfilment or improper fulfillment of the duties of the responsible officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the agreements were not terminated. Instead, in August, 2020 these persons were included in the relevant list, in the result they were given the opportunity to privatize the apartments, which they did not have the right to do.


Taking into account that data for committing crime were obtained during the investigation, a criminal case was initiated under Article 315, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code which was sent to the RA Investigative Committee.    


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.