22.06.2022 | Diplomas awarded to future prosecutors


Today, the RA Prosecutor General's Office hosted a ceremony of presenting diplomas to 25 candidates who have studied at the RA Academy of Justice. The event was attended by RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, RA Deputy Prosecutor General, Member of the Board of the RA Academy of Justice Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Rector of the RA Academy of Justice Sergey Arakelyan.


Congratulating another group of graduates of the Academy on receiving diplomas, Rector of the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Sergey Arakelyan expressed confidence that the course of study largely contributed to the acquisition of sufficient knowledge and skills in future official duties to fulfill the mission to be performed in the execution of criminal justice. The rector also thanked the RA Prosecutor's Office for the efforts aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the educational process.


RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan wished success to future prosecutors. He noted that public service as a prosecutor has never been and should not be perceived as a simply paid job, any person entering the system must be clearly aware that he is going to give more to the state and Motherland, only to receive respect in return.


“You are going to be part of a system that is the backbone of the state. And the healthier this part, the healthier the statehood. Choosing this difficult, sacrificial profession, one must be guided by a commitment to the rule of law, which adds something to the values ​​​​of justice, impartiality and humanism. With your attitude to your professional duty, your conscience, your way of life, your culture of communication with people, you must form the image of not only a prosecutor, but also a worthy civil servant in general,” Artur Davtyan said.


He noted that the prosecutor's office has a solid foundation of stability and ease and expects innovative approaches from every young person who enters the system, which will develop in accordance with the requirements of the time and the development of legal thought.


The RA Prosecutor General thanked the RA Academy of Justice for providing quality education and training for the prosecutor's office.