17.06.2022 | Artur Davtyan presented legal mechanisms for protecting business in Armenia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan takes part in the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


Today he spoke at a conference on the topic “The right to protection. Business in Russia and abroad”. The agenda of the latter discussed the mechanisms of legal protection of entrepreneurs in the face of global challenges, the potential of international cooperation in this area.


The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia noted that both legislative and institutional reforms of domestic and foreign investments and legal protection of business in Armenia are aimed at ensuring equal starting conditions for economic activity, freedoms, protecting businesses from unlawful, unreasonable and illegal interference by state bodies and other persons.


Artur Davtyan noted that the protection of economic relations, the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs from criminal encroachments is one of the main activities of the RA Prosecutor's Office. This is evidenced by the presence of the department for crimes against economic activity in the RA Prosecutor General's Office. Based on the results of the continuous analysis of the criminal process in the field, the RA Prosecutor General's Office, in addition to exercising its constitutional powers, also makes a significant contribution to improving the legislation on economic freedoms and defense.


In terms of developing international business relations, Artur Davtyan emphasized the need to harmonize legal regulations that guarantee the protection of entrepreneurial activities between cooperating states.


In particular, taking into account the fact of Armenia's membership to the EAEU, the RA Prosecutor General in his speech noted that the specific legal regulations of the Union oblige the law enforcement agencies of the Member States to ensure the equivalence of their work and approaches, under which citizens and entrepreneurs of the Member States need freedom and protection. The latter is especially relevant in the context of recent geopolitical events and the resulting problems for international economic relations.


In this sense, Artur Davtyan assured that conditions were created for all potential investors in Armenia both for free economic activity and for their legal protection.