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13.06.2022 | The next lawsuits of the prosecutor's office for the confiscation of property of illegal origin were accepted for proceedings

The next two suits for the confiscation of property of allegedly illegal origin, filed with the court of general jurisdiction of the first instance of Yerevan, have been accepted for proceedings.


The Department for the Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the RA Prosecutor General's Office filed a demand with the court to recover from the former director of CJSC “Yerevan Metro named after. K. Demirchyan" Paylak Yayloyan and five persons affiliated with him, who are members of his family, property in favor of the Republic of Armenia. They are as follows:


• seven apartments in different districts of Yerevan, property in the Arinj community of Kotayk region (in some cases - 84-94% of this property), and in case of impossibility - the average market value of this property - a total of 702.472.355 drams.


• two land plots in the Jrvezh community of Kotayk region (one of them is subject to partial confiscation), a parking lot on Proshyan street in Yerevan, two buildings on Baghramyan avenue, and on Proshyan street, and in case of impossibility of confiscation - the average market value of these objects - a total of 535.699.753 drams.


• three movable property (cars, one of which by 79.47%), in case of impossibility of their withdrawal - the average market value - a total of 27.745.000 drams.


• shares in two LLCs: in one case 84.92% 1/2 shares, in the other - 50% shares;


• AMD 29.847.801 as the amount of acquisition of the share of the liquidated CJSC;


• a total of 272.240.034 drams, which are not substantiated by the legal income of Paylak Yayloyan and his two sons, are of illegal origin and it is not possible to confiscate them, since they were transferred to a bona fide purchaser or they cannot be identified and confiscated.


As a result of studies carried out at the Office for the Recovery of Property of Illicit Origin of the Prosecutor General's Office, the process of filing claims for confiscation of property of illegal origin continues.