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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

09.06.2022 | Artur Davtyan visited the Prosecutor General's Office of Artsakh

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan is on a working visit to the Republic of Artsakh.


Within the framework of the visit, Artur Davtyan visited the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Artsakh, where he met with his colleague, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Artsakh Gurgen Nersisyan.


The Prosecutors Generals of the two Armenian states met with members of the Board of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Artsakh. Issues related to the cooperation of the two authorities and the criminal prosecution bodies in the context of the new realities that emerged in the post-war period were discussed.


Artur Davtyan was interested in issues for securing the normal work of the Prosecutor's Office of Artsakh, developing professional potential and other needs in the new situation, as well as the assistance expected from the RA Prosecutor General's Office. He reaffirmed the determination of the RA Prosecutor General's Office to contribute in every possible way to the effectiveness of the Artsakh partner organization, starting with the priority issues of ensuring a normal public life in Artsakh based on the rule of law, protection of civil rights and internal security.


The Prosecutor General of Armenia and the Prosecutor General of Artsakh appreciated the high level of mutual trust between the systems of both Prosecutors Offices. The need for stable operation of mechanisms for the rapid exchange of information by criminal proceedings was emphasized, taking into account the fact that the competent authorities of the two countries are investigating the cases, the circumstances of which are interconnected. In particular, we are talking about the criminal cases related to the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh, within the framework of which a full clarification of the circumstances and giving legal assessments for both sides is considered an absolute priority.


Other working issues were also discussed.