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09.06.2022 | Criminal case on the purchase of low-quality and expensive tents for the needs of the Armed Forces sent to court

According to the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated on 10.21.2021 under part 2 of Article 308 and part 2 of Article 375 of the RA Criminal Code, it was established that the officials of the RA Ministry of Defense and the RA Armed Forces abused their official position, violating the requirements of the RA Law on Procurement and the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No. 526-Н, carried out the procedure for the purchase from one person of “goods that are not military equipment, weapons, ammunition”. As a result, on 20.08.2021 a contract was signed with an individual K. R. for the purchase of 6 "UST-56" type tents at the amount of 4.820.000 drams.


In addition, evidence was obtained that, without having the mandatory characteristics of the subject of procurement in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the indicated officials on 22.05.2021 accepted 261 tents from LLC without actually checking the quality characteristics of the tents.


Then, instead of initiating a statutory competitive process, they initiated the purchase of tents from one person. As part of it, on May 22, 2021 in order to ensure that the quality characteristics of the tents are consistent, they described objectively unreasonable, inadequate and inferior conditions, and planned prices above market prices. As a result, on 06.22.2021 they signed a contract with an LLC for the purchase of 261 tents for a total amount of AMD 7.605.000.


These actions resulted in serious material consequences.


For committing the above criminal acts, with a sufficient combination of evidence obtained in a criminal case, in accordance with p. 1 p. 3 of Article 179 of the RA Criminal Code, the head of the logistics department of the Joint Staff of the RA Armed Forces Colonel A.T., was finally charged as well as the charge was brought against the Deputy Commander for Logistics of Military Unit N, then Colonel A.K., who held the position of Deputy Commander of the Territorial Defense and Reserve Troops of the RA Ministry of Defense. The petition on detention as a measure of restraint relating him was rejected by the court.


These persons were dismissed from their positions.


T.P., the head of the material supply department of the same military unit, was also charged under p. 1, p. 3 Article 38-179 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.


The preliminary investigation of the selected part of the criminal case against the above persons has been completed. The prosecutor, who oversaw the legality of the proceedings, approved the indictment and sent it with the criminal case to the court of general jurisdiction of first instance of Yerevan for consideration on the merits.


The preliminary investigation of the criminal case separated into a separate proceedings is still ongoing.