02.06.2022 | A group of prosecutors were awarded by the RA Prosecutor General Today the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan awarded 64 prosecutors, they were awarded with various awards

The prosecutors were awarded for the consistency they showed on the issues of completeness and quality of investigations, protection of the rights of participants in legal proceedings as part of the function of ensuring the legality of pre-trial proceedings.


In particular, by exercising their procedural competences in the framework of criminal proceedings, these prosecutors made decisions that were important both in the outcome of specific criminal cases and for individuals.


In some cases, as a result of these decisions made by prosecutors, persons were released from unjustified criminal prosecution, in some cases, as a result of the application of measures, prosecutorial influence, and the implementation of prosecutors' testimony, crimes were detected and the perpetrators were subjected to criminal liability.


During the awarding ceremony, the RA Prosecutor General thanked the prosecutors for their careful attitude to their official duties, urging them to continue their activities with the same diligence and professional dignity.


Artur Davtyan recalled that during 2021 the prosecutors issued more than 400 such important acts, which indicates a significant increase in the effectiveness of prosecutorial influence in ensuring the completeness, objectivity and comprehensiveness of the investigation within the framework of pre-trial proceedings. At the same time, the quantitative indicators of prosecutorial acts issued within the framework of proceedings have sharply increased.


He also noted that these trends will be permanent. “The prosecutor is not only a decisive subject in the field of criminal prosecution, but also an official responsible for the objectivity and legality of all legal proceedings. And on the basis of this initial point, the prosecutor by using all the tools of the Prosecutor's Office in his daily work, must make a significant contribution to strengthening the rule of law and justice in the country,” said Artur Davtyan.