01.06.2022 | The crimes against children are under consideration of the RA Prosecutor's Office

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia has studied the state of prosecutorial control and defense of charges regarding the legality of pre-trial criminal proceedings for crimes committed against children.


According to the results of the study, it was recorded that the cases of crimes committed against children are increasing both in the regions of the republic and in the city of Yerevan. In particular, if in 2019, 204 reports of crimes against children were received, in 2020 - 259 reports, and in 2021 - 292 reports.


Among the crimes committed against children, beating them, causing severe physical pain or severe mental suffering, having sexual relations with a person under the age of 16, committing lewd acts against children, obstructing the meeting between a parent or other close relative and a child, the parent's child malicious avoidance of storage and other cases.


During 2021, 90 criminal cases against 101 persons were sent to the court with an indictment for crimes committed against children.


About 52% of the persons prosecuted in criminal cases related to such crimes were aged 18-35, and 40% were aged over 35. Moreover, according to the results of the study, it was recorded that about 40% of the crimes committed against children were committed by those persons who, in fact, have the responsibility of raising children.


Year by year, there is an increase in the number of cases of minors reporting crimes committed against them to the RA police, personally appearing at the police department and reporting them. If in 2020 only 2 such cases were recorded, then in 2021 11 cases were recorded.


The analysis of the mentioned cases documents that the alarms about the crimes committed against them by children under 16 years of age mostly related to the physical violence used against them by the persons responsible for raising the child.


It is no secret that children are the most unprotected and vulnerable class of society, who need special protection according to their age, maturity level, and individual needs. In the context of the positive duties of the state to ensure it, the Prosecutor's Office of RA uses all the tools reserved to it.


According to the results of the study carried out in the Prosecutor's Office, the problem has been set to increase consistency, regardless of age, in properly checking reports of crimes committed against them by minors, in cases of private accusations, regardless of whether the victim's legal representative complains or not, in ensuring the realization of the child's right to be heard.


It is also considered necessary in cases where the alleged perpetrator of a crime against a minor is his parent or other person with the responsibility of raising the child, to make the circumstances of the latter's failure to fulfill or improperly fulfill the duty of bringing up the child subject to mandatory investigation, deserving them of an appropriate legal assessment.


The organization of operational consultations on a half-year basis with the participation of the employees of the departments responsible for the protection of children's rights at the initiative of the heads of the regional divisions of the RA Prosecutor's Office was also highlighted, to discuss the recorded cases of crimes committed against children during the given semester, the integrity of the implementation of their powers by the employees of the departments responsible for them, to highlight the factors contributing to the commission of the crime circumstances, existing problems in order to take necessary measures to solve them.