01.06.2022 | Employees of the newly established patrol service in Lori Region are subjected to violence; the prosecutor's office strongly warns

From the day of the establishment of the RA Police Patrol Service in Lori Region, from April 16 to May 25, 2022, a general case of violence and other combined crimes against officers of the Lori Region Battalion of the patrol service in the territory of Lori Region of the RA 4 criminal cases were initiated, which are currently being investigated.


These cases of violence against the representative of the authorities were conditioned by the cases when the drivers and passengers of vehicles stopped for alleged various offenses not obeying the legal demands of the patrol officers and using violence against them during the performance of their official duties.


Taking into account the public danger of the committed criminal acts, the nature of the violated public relations, as well as the principles of the not compromising policy of fighting against it, 4 criminal cases investigated under Article 316 of the RA Criminal Code motions on 5 defendants were submitted to the court for choosing detention as a preventive measure, which were granted.


The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia strictly warns citizens to refrain from any criminal actions against the police officers performing their official duties, to raise the issue of the legality of these.


Otherwise, the counteraction will be serious, and the Prosecutor's Office will criminally prosecute for committing such acts.