31.05.2022 | The prosecutor of Ararat region sent a petition to the governor of Ararat region in connection with numerous corruption abuses revealed in the Masis Medical Center

During the preliminary investigation of a multi-episode criminal case initiated on the case of abuse at the Masis Medical Center CJSC, evidence was obtained of numerous criminal acts of corruption in the theft of especially large sums from the funds of the CJSC by the former director of the medical center, also in a group with several employees of the medical center with the participation of other citizens.


Based on the evidence obtained, the former director of the medical center was charged under Part 1 of Article 308 (2 episodes), pp. 1, 2, 3 part 2 Article 179 (3 episodes), p. 1 part 3 Article 179, part 1 Article 314, p. 1 part 3, Article 34-179 of the RA Criminal Code. Another 5 persons, including members of the medical staff, were charged under various articles. In addition, during the preliminary investigation, decisions were made against a number of employees of the medical center to suspend criminal prosecution or non-execution of criminal prosecution on unjustifiable grounds, including on the basis of an amnesty.


A criminal case against 6 persons was sent to court with an indictment, trial was launched (AVD2/0038/01/22).


In the course of studying the materials of this case, the prosecutor's office of the Ararat region identified a number of factors that are the cause and condition of large-scale corruption abuses in the Masis Medical Center. Considering that the medical center is a state institution operating under the jurisdiction of the Ararat marzpetaran, and there are other similar institutions subordinate to the marzpetaran, where such events may occur due to these factors, the regional prosecutor appealed to the marzpet of the Ararat region of the Republic of Armenia.


The regional prosecutor considered it necessary to eliminate any form of labor discrimination in institutions subordinate to the regional administration and to ensure that employees are paid for their positions and for the work they perform on fair terms.


In addition, it was established in the criminal case that theft and embezzlement became possible as a result of violations of the accounting procedure and procurement legislation.


According to the evidence obtained in the criminal case, it is substantiated that two episodes of embezzlement in the amount of more than 1 million drams were associated with the misappropriation or misuse of funds transferred to the trade union of the medical center. For example, it turned out that at the request of the director of the MC, a large amount of money was transferred from the trade union to a private organization so that the director of the hospital could be awarded during the annual awards ceremony and a video about him could be made.


The petition calls for the use of funds allocated to the trade union exclusively for the implementation of the statutory goals of trade unions, to exclude any illegal interference in the legitimate activities of trade unions.


The petition considered it necessary to develop and introduce additional control and verification mechanisms, as well as to take effective measures to exclude the provision of real estate of state institutions to individuals and legal entities.