28.05.2022 | Congratulatory message of the RA Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan on the occasion of the Republic Day


Dear compatriots,


I cordially congratulate you on the Republic Day.


In 1918 our grandfathers won our right to an independent statehood with indescribable heroism, self-sacrifice and patriotism in Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa battles at a crucial time for our people. On that basis, today we have the third republic, the responsibility and honour to keep its existence and longevity falls on all of us.


May 28 is a symbol of our national self-organization, unity, patriotism, and self-confidence. Negligence and underestimation of such values can be destructive.


The continuity of independence and the state also comes at the cost of our deepest solidarity, mutual tolerance, high civic consciousness, rule of law and respect for the legality.


We have no choice but to strengthen public and state institutions, internal and external security structures.


The starting point and motivation of our daily, tireless work is to create public good, to nurture and cherish this land and water, to create all the conditions for our compatriots to return home.


Congratulations again on this sacred holiday. I wish all of us great and small victories on the unwavering path to achieve our common goals, with the realization that there is nothing and should not be more important and more expensive thing for us than the state and the statehood.