26.05.2022 | Measures with a view to prevent especially grave crimes in Lori region. 5 cases of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons were sent to the court

The Prosecutor of Lori region instructed the RA Police Department of Lori Region to carry out the necessary operational-search measures aimed at preventing cases of acquisition and storage of illegal weapons and ammunition by persons with criminal behavior.


As a result of the operational-search effective and coordinated measures taken in February-April in various settlements of Lori region, searches were carried out in the apartments of 66 people, as a result of which drugs, cold weapons, various types of firearms and ammunition were found.


In connection with the illegal acquisition and storage of the found out weapons, 9 criminal cases were initiated under Part 1 of Art. 235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia, by which 9 people were involved as accused.


By the direction of the prosecutors supervising the said criminal cases, petitions were submitted to the court for choosing measure of restraint in the form of detention in respect of all the accused, which were satisfied.


Based on the results of the preliminary investigation, 5 of these cases were sent to court with an indictment against 5 people, and the preliminary investigation is still in process  by the rest of the criminal cases.


In connection with the need to develop these results, the Prosecutor's Office of Lori region studied the information on 66 persons previously convicted of robbery, attempted murder.


In addition to this, in the course of the study, it was found that the inhabitants of this region are thief in law A.J., 11 persons of criminal authorities, some of whom live outside the Republic of Armenia, the other part are in penitentiary institutions and among their executors criminal "instructions" can be the above-mentioned persons living in the area with criminally aggressive behavior.


There is also evidence that circles made up of the mentioned persons are always in tense relations with each other, they or their relatives almost always have weapons and ammunition in cars, which in itself is a condition for committing more serious crimes.


Based on the results of the investigation, the RA Prosecutor of Lori region sent a letter to the head of the Lori regional department of the RA Police. By the letter, it was considered necessary to keep under daily operational control the measures taken against persons previously convicted of crimes under Articles 104, 34-104, 112 and 175 of the RA Criminal Code.