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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

20.05.2022 | When obtaining or changing a passport, the tools for identifying a person need to be improved. RA Prosecutor General sent a petition to the RA Chief of Police

According to the evidence obtained within the framework of the criminal case being investigated in the RA Investigative Department, it was substantiated that N.Kh. being a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and wanted within the framework of      criminal case under investigation in the Russian Federation, in order to find a job in Georgia and fly from Georgia to Germany, taking advantage of the circumstance of external resemblance to his sister D.Sh., who since 2013 lives in the Russian Federation, in November 2021, in the Passport Division of Masis PVD, introduced herself to the police with the latter's data and submitted a statement about the loss of the passport of D.Sh.


Then for the verification of the factual place of residence of the person, on November 10, 2021 N.Kh. introduced herself to the inspector of Police Department as D.Sh. and signed the corresponding protocol, compiled according to the data presented by the latter. After that, the police officer, on the basis of the compiled protocol, prepared and submitted to the Passport Department of the PVD of Masis a letter, by which was confirmed the indicated address as the address of the actual place of residence of D.Sh.


In the result of the mentioned actions on December 01, 2021. N.Kh. was given a fake passport of the RA citizen with personal data D.Sh., by which later was trying to illegally cross the RA state border.


N.Kh. was charged under Part 1 of Art. 325 /3 Episode / and Part 1 of Art. 34-329 of the RA CC and on April 01, 2022 the criminal case with the indictment was sent to court.


By the criminal case it was substantiated that N.Kh. found out in advance which police officer supervises Noramarg community, called the latter and, after meeting with him, informed him about her desire to be registered in the corresponding Noramarg community house. After that, the inspector visited this address and drew up a protocol stating that N.Kh. lives in the said house.


A study of the protocol shows that, apart from the data presented orally, it does not contain factual data confirming the information of the specified person.


An analysis of the materials of criminal cases indicates that in the event of a passport being acquired or replaced for any reason, the standards for verifying the authenticity of the data submitted for identifying a person are not fully regulated by the relevant legal acts. Therefore, verification of the data provided by interested parties in many cases is of a formal nature, becoming a favorable condition for criminal activity.


On the basis of this, the RA Prosecutor General A. Davtyan submitted a petition to the RA Chief of Police V. Ghazaryan with a view to take effective measures towards the establishment of effective standards that ensure the identification of a person in the event of a passport being acquired or replaced on any basis, also to exclude such manifestations in the future in the relevant police services of the Republic of Armenia.