10.05.2022 | Applications to telecommunication companies to block the website promoting prostitution

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated according to Article 262, Part 3 of the RA Criminal Code revealed that a number of people had formed a regular criminal group intended to facilitate prostitution of foreign women. The latter’s members have mainly recruited online prostitutes from Russia and Belarus, offered them prostitution in various countries, including Armenia, promising to provide them with clients, as well as providing them with accommodation in a definite country instead transferring the half of the money “earned” to the group.


The organized group has also engaged citizens, an owner and employee of an organization in Yerevan in renting apartments online, responsible for providing accommodations for the prostitutes who have arrived in Armenia.


The members of the organized crime communicated with women from foreign countries on different social platforms, and after reaching an agreement, demanded and received their erotic photos, created personal pages on a specific website for escort services. Then a number of members of the group organized the arrival of prostitutes, accommodation in Kentron district of Yerevan City for prostitution.


Clients contacted with the members of the organized group by means of this website. The latters agreed with the clients on the amount and time for providing sexual services, and then the clients were given the addresses of the apartments provided to the prostitutes. The latters met clients at those addresses, took USD 200 from them for one hour prostitution, and later transferred half of the money to the members of the organized group.


A number of people have been charged in the organized crime with aiding and abetting prostitution.


In the result of the examination of the case it is proved that the website is still a contributing factor to the crime, as people still use the website.


As far as it is needed to eliminate the conditions favoring to prostitution, applications were sent from the Department for Combating Crimes against Human of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia to the General Directors of three Armenian mobile telecommunication companies: MTS Armenia CJSC, Ucom CJSC and Team Telecom Armenia CJSC in order to take effective measures to block the access by the subscribers of this website, to inform the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia about the results of the measures taken.