02.05.2022 | The number of traffic violations has decreased, as a result of which the number of deaths and crimes against property has also decreased. Summary.

As already noted, in the first quarter of 2022 a tangible improvement in the dynamics of crime has been registered in the Republic in several areas declared as priorities for the RA Prosecutor's Office.


In the first quarter of 2022 among other types of crime, a significant decrease in deaths as a result of violations of traffic rules was also registered. If in the first quarter of 2021 381 cases of road traffic crimes were registered, 60 of which were fatal, then in the same period of 2022 337 such cases were registered, 49 were fatal. That is to say, traffic violations decreased by 11.5%, and deaths - by 18.3%.


In addition, the efficiency of detecting this type of crime has improved. If in 2021 63.6% of cases of traffic violations were detected, then in 2022. – 75%. The number of detected cases with a fatal outcome increased by 16.6% (in the first quarter of 2021 - 44.1%, and in 2022 - 60.7%).


The positive dynamics is significantly due to the implementation of measures to ensure road safety with the active use of the tools of prosecutorial influence in the direction of preventing traffic violations, as well as the strengthening of the penal policy.


Positive trends are evident in the fight against crimes against property. Cases of this type of crime in the first trimester of 2022 decreased by 141 or 4.3% (in 2021 2471 cases, in 2022 - 2360). At the same time, the percentage of their detection was 52%, in 2021 – 49.5%. Cases of theft of personal property decreased by about 10%, robberies - by 7.7%. If in 2021 in the first three months 2471 cases of theft were registered, then in 2022 - 2360, i.e. the number of thefts decreased by 111 or 4.5%.


It is noteworthy that the number of burglaries has significantly decreased. In particular, in 2022, in the first quarter, 284 cases of burglaries were registered in the republic, in 2021, 325 such cases were registered over the same period, i.e. the number of cases decreased by 41 or 12.6%. In parallel, if in 2021 the detection rate of burglaries in the first quarter was 41.6%, then in 2022 - 51.6%.


The criminal-legal fight against theft has been declared a priority by the RA Prosecutor's Office for many years. As part of this, the departments of the prosecutor's office are constantly mapping the most risky and vulnerable areas in terms of this type of crime.


The entrances of block of flats are equipped with combination locks, doors, lighting fixtures and video surveillance devices due to the cooperation of the police and with local authorities. Police units provide a relatively wider range of services in neighborhoods and residential areas reserved for criminals.


In order to identify crimes of this nature, to increase the effectiveness of investigations, the Prosecutor General's Office has developed and distributed a methodological manual for the investigation of burglaries.