19.04.2022 | By the invitation of the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, the Prosecutor General of Georgia visited Armenia: a memorandum of cooperation was signed

A delegation headed by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Georgia Irakli Shotadze arrived in Armenia.


The visit of the Prosecutor General of Georgia to the RA takes place within the framework of the invitation made by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan during his visit to Georgia on May 30, 2018.


The meeting of the Prosecutors General of the two countries took place on April 19 at the RA Prosecutor General's Office.


Artur Davtyan thanked his Georgian counterpart for accepting the invitation and making possible the postponed visit due to objective reasons.


He expressed hope that due to the centuries-old historical and cultural ties, the role of the large Armenian community in Georgia, the meetings of the Prosecutor General will become more frequent, which corresponds to the warm, friendly relations between the two neighboring countries.


The RA Prosecutor General stressed that the high level of trust between the Prosecutors General of the two countries allows for prompt resolution of issues related to the processes of mutual legal assistance and extradition. He considered exemplary joint interest in the introduction of e-justice and the exchange of experience in combating criminal subculture.


Artur Davtyan noted that international legal cooperation by criminal cases is carried out not only on the basis of bilateral, multilateral international treaties, but also on the basis of friendly relations and goodwill of the Prosecutor's Offices of the two countries. He highly appreciated the caring attitude of the Georgian people and the state towards the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in the areas of tourism, transportation of goods to Armenia through the territory of Georgia. The contribution of the Georgian side to the solution of humanitarian problems caused by the consequences of the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Armenia was especially noted.


The Prosecutor General of Georgia Irakli Shotadze thanked for the warm welcome and expressed confidence that his visit would bring relations between the Prosecutor's Offices to a new level. He noted that the brotherhood of the Armenian-Georgian people has a long history, trade between the two countries, mutual visits of citizens are growing dynamically, Georgia is approaching Armenia in the region as an important pillar. He expressed confidence that the deepening of cooperation between the Prosecutor's Offices of the two countries in the legal sphere will further strengthen both these ties and the joint fight against transnational crime. Irakli Shotadze kindly invited Artur Davtyan to take part in the international conference of prosecutors to be held in Tbilisi in September.


During the meeting, issues related to increasing the effectiveness of protecting the rights of each other's citizens, especially at border checkpoints, creating communication mechanisms between border Prosecutor's Offices, strengthening control at the Armenian-Georgian border, and improving the joint fight against illegal border crossings were discussed.


Following the meeting, Artur Davtyan and Irakli Shotadze signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the Prosecutor's Offices of Armenia and Georgia. The latter creates a legal basis for cooperation in other areas related to the effective implementation of criminal law information, exchange of experience, advanced training of prosecutors.


The Prosecutor General of Georgia and the Prosecutor General of Armenia stressed the importance of signing a memorandum by the parties in connection with the renewal of interaction, the development of interpersonal relations between prosecutors after the memorandum on legal assistance and cooperation signed back in 2005.


An agreement was reached in the near future to develop and adopt a program of specific activities arising from the memorandum, as well as to make meetings at the level of Prosecutors General more frequent.