16.04.2022 | Congratulatory message of the Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan on the occasion of the Day of the RA Police Officer

Dear employees of Police, dear veterans,


On behalf of the Prosecutor's Office of Armenia and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the Day of the Police Officer and on the 104th anniversary of the formation of the RA police system.


For more than a century, the police have been at the forefront of the internal security of the three republics of Armenia, playing a key role in protecting public order, law and order, the rights and freedoms of citizens in our country.


The contribution of police officers, dedicated to their work and endowed with high professional qualities, to our common cause of preventing, counteracting and solving crimes, which they carry out with honor, a deep sense of responsibility to their mission, to the state and society, in good faith, sometimes with a selfless attitude, is invaluable.


The idea of statehood and its irreversibility is firmly rooted in the collective consciousness of the system, as evidenced by the continued involvement of the police in protecting the country's borders next to the armed forces. Eternal memory to our police colleagues who dedicated their lives to the holy cause of protecting our Motherland.


In the course of the ongoing reform process, the police of Armenia is being transformed into a civil-oriented law enforcement agency, in which, in addition to protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, in parallel with caring and compassion for a compatriot, the functions of maintaining law and order are also carried out, which quite justifiably leads to an increase in public respect for the police.


Improving the mechanisms for fighting crime under the influence of technological development, raising the bar for fighting corruption are new challenges for the entire law enforcement system, and overcoming them remains our common priority. On the way to solving this problem, a strong basis of mutual understanding and cooperation with the police, as well as a healthy working atmosphere, has been formed and is developing.


Once again, I congratulate the police officers on their professional holiday and wish them effective work, health, and continued success both in their personal lives and in hard work for the benefit of our state and our people.