13.04.2022 | Regular effective and large-scale operations were carried out to detect illegally stored ammunition, weapons and drugs in Lori region

The divisions of the Lori Regional Department of the RA Police received operational data that many people in their houses, apartments, outbuildings, cars store and carry illegal ammunition and weapons, acquire drugs, store them and use them.


On the basis of operational data obtained in the police departments of the region, on April 8, a criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Art. 235 and part 1 of Art. Criminal Code of Armenia.


As part of the case, by court decision, large-scale searches were carried out in apartments, houses, outbuildings and cars belonging to 27 citizens in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Alaverdi, Tashir, Stepanavan, Akhtala, Odzun, Pambak, Shnogh.


According to the prosecutor's office, in 8 cases a Baikal-type rifle with cartridges, an AK-74 assault rifle, a sports pistol, a TOZ-63 rifle, hundreds of cartridges of various calibers, 6 boxes of cartridges, etc. were found. Besides the above-mentioned Pregabalin" and 5.3 kg of cannabis were also found.


Measures are being taken to clarify the legality of the discovered weapons, their acquisition and storage.


First of all, similar events are held to prevent crime, and are of a regular nature. Based on the operational situation, the prosecutor's office gave appropriate instructions to the police.


Earlier, in February 2022. within the framework of another criminal case, as a result of coordinated, quick and large-scale operational and intelligence activities, similar large-scale operations were carried out in different settlements of the region, as a result of a search in the apartments of 42 persons, a huge amount of weapons, ammunition and drugs was found.


Once again, we urge citizens in order to avoid criminal liability for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, if any, to hand over to the Police immediately.