01.04.2022 | In the fight against corruption in 2021, the number of cases sent to court with an indictment and the number of persons involved in the case are increased. Generalization

As a result of the study carried out in the RA Prosecutor General's Office on the fact of corruption-related crimes, 798 criminal cases were initiated in the competent authorities of the RA, which compared to 2020 is less by 35.2%.


The sudy of indicators for 2018-2021 proves that as a result of the political events that took place in the Republic of Armenia in 2018, both in this year and in 2019, there was a sharp increase in cases of corruption crimes. In the last two years, these trends have been declining.


In addition, the active, proactive fight against corruption carried out by law enforcement agencies in recent years has yielded positive results in terms of eradicating the consciousness of refraining from corrupt behavior. The reduction of crimes of this kind was facilitated by the submission by the RA Prosecutor's Office of numerous petitions to the relevant bodies to eliminate the causes and conditions of corruption crimes and violations. In 2021 alone, 95 petitions were filed by corruption prosecutors compared to (72) by 32% in 2020.


Based on the results of their discussion, significant measures were taken, including the dismissal of officials who committed violations, and the improvement of regulatory legal acts.


In the course of 2021, 730 criminal cases of a corruption nature were completed, which is approximately 2% more than last year. In particular, 1698 people were prosecuted in 2312 criminal cases of a corruption nature, investigated by the RA preliminary investigation bodies, while in 2020 there were 1356 people were brought to criminal liability in 2535 cases. 187 criminal cases against 433 persons were sent to the court with indictments, in 2020 - 183 cases against 410 persons.


According to the completed materials on cases of corruption crimes and completed criminal cases, material damage in the amount of 4.5 billion drams was revealed during the year, 400 million drams were compensated.


As a result of the annulment of the investigator's decision to suspend the proceedings of the criminal case, terminate the criminal prosecution and non-execution of criminal prosecution by the RA Prosecutor General by only one criminal case was restored the damage caused to the community in the amount of 805.4 million drams.