24.03.2022 | Petitions from the Prosecutor's Office of Lori region in order to ensure road safety in the region

A study conducted in the Prosecutor's Office of the Lori region of the Republic of Armenia showed that in 2021 261 cases of traffic violations were registered in the region, 25 of which resulted in death, 371 -in injuries.


The regional prosecutor's office investigated the underlying causes by comparing the cases. It turned out that one of the main causes of traffic accidents is driving while intoxicated, violation of the rules for crossing pedestrian crossings, crossing first, crossing an intersection, etc., the number of which has increased. The number of traffic accidents with property damage also increased, amounting to 959 cases.


Studies have shown that drivers of minibuses, buses and taxis serving the cities of the region, often violating traffic safety rules, create emergency situations. Minibus drivers often provide vehicles assigned to them to persons who do not have the required type of driver's license or drive without a driver's license.


In the cities of the region, especially on the central streets and squares of Vanadzor, Spitak, Alaverdi, Akhtala, Tumanyan, Tashir, Stepanavan, drivers drive at high speed. It is not uncommon for teenagers to violate the rules of the road, which indicates that they do not have a driver's license.


The study showed that from the point of view of preventing the majority of traffic accidents in the region and ensuring road safety, it may be important to equip public roads with speed cameras, video cameras, as well as equipping busy intersections of city streets with video cameras. In addition, it is necessary to improve the quality of performance of official duties by employees of the DP, to exercise due diligence in the prevention of administrative offenses, to carry out effective reforms, and to strengthen control in the evening and at night.


On the basis of the above, the Prosecutor of Lori Region of the Republic of Armenia sent the results of the study to the Minister of Territorial Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia, the Head of the Road Police of the Police of the Republic of Armenia for taking measures to ensure the safety of road traffic and their participants.