23.03.2022 | The RA Prosecutor General appealed to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia in connection with the need to improve the security mechanisms of online transactions

The study of criminal cases related to crimes committed with the help of a computer, carried out in the RA Prosecutor General's Office, shows that cases of theft of online loans through the misuse of people's personal data have recently increased. As a rule, crimes of this nature were committed according to a certain criminal scheme.


In particular, the criminals created accounts with different names on various social networks, especially on facebook.com. Through them, they began to correspond with different people registered on the same sites, who, despite the bad credit history of these individuals, can help them get a loan.


Under this pretext, in order to register Idram e-wallets under the names of citizens, assist in their identification, provide bonuses, these persons requested and received passport data of citizens, mobile phone numbers and codes received from the Idram system.


In some cases, the perpetrators used the passport data of other persons without their knowledge. And by stealing online credits in their names, they transferred the money to the gambling accounts they used, registered on the betting sites in the names of criminals or others, or simply cashed them out.


The analysis shows that the growth of these crimes was facilitated not only by the growth of banking operations, including the possibility of providing online loans. The existing opportunities to overcome the security mechanisms of these operations in criminal practice, the lack of usefulness of these mechanisms, for example, the possibility of changing the telephone number associated with an electronic wallet, were also of significant importance.


In other words, making it more difficult to change the phone number associated with the wallet, send information about it to the originally registered phone number, or request confirmation through it, can help prevent such cases.


Considering the above circumstances, in connection with the need to prevent crimes committed by the presented method, the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan applied to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia Martin Galstyan to take measures to develop and implement improved security mechanisms when making online transactions.