18.03.2022 | Damage of 32.6 billion AMD caused to the state and granted claim of 265 million AMD; outcomes of the Prosecutor's Office in the field of protection of state interests

The RA Prosecutor's Office continues to carry out the function of the protection of state interests.


In general, 1308 studies were carried out by the structural subdivisions of the Prosecutor's Office on issues connected with the protection of state property interests in different spheres which is 60% more compared to 2020. In the result, 687 violations were found out. The study covered state and public areas such as public property protection, land exploitation, energy, subsoil use, management of infrastructures, public procurement, and, military service, armaments, military medical sphere and capital construction field under the Military Prosecutor's Office.


63 subjects were warned by the prosecutors about the willful compensation of the damage caused to the interests of the state.


According to the results of the studies 55 reports were submitted to the state bodies to undertake measures to compensate the damage caused to the state, to file lawsuits aimed at protecting state interests, as well as eliminating the causes of violations of state interests.


In the result of the studies carried out by the subdivisions of the Prosecutor's Office in the scope of state interests protection, 253 criminal cases were initiated on the facts containing features of crime, and in 115 cases the outcomes of the investigations were sent to prepare materials.


The criminal cases were initiated, in particular, on the facts of substantial abuses recorded in the spheres of state property, privatization, procurement for the needs of state bodies, food security, free medical care, rates on loans in agriculture, environmentalist nature use, entrails use, management in energy infrastructure.


The Military Prosecutor's Office also made inquiries in regard with the damage caused in the result of the military actions.


The prosecutors submitted 77 lawsuits on 626 million AMD to the court to protect state interests, which is 37.5% more compared to 2020.


44 lawsuits for the protection of state interests were examined in the courts in 2021, 39 lawsuits about on 265 million AMD were granted. 117 claims on 7 billion 171 million 048 thousand AMD is under investigation.


The total damage caused to the state is 32.6 billion AMD, which exceeds the index of 2020 by 52%. Over 1.2 billiard AMD was recovered.