17.03.2022 | Theoretical and practical examinations to get a driver's license are not properly supervised. The Prosecutor General sent a motion to the Head of Police

It was founded according to the materials prepared by the RA NSS, and investigated at the RA Anti-Corruption Committee on November 27, 2021 that a resident of Yerevan city, learned that G. G, a resident of Nshavan community of the RA Ararat region, could assist in obtaining a driver's license without actually passing the exams in the prescribed procedure, applied to the latter, expressing readiness to give him 350.000 AMD.


G. G. reached agreements with people close to him, E. S fellow-villager, the inspector of the Kotayk registration-examination department of Road Police service of the RA Police.


In the result, on November 27, 2021, that person took part in the theoretical examination for obtaining a driver's license in the Kotayk Registration and Examination Department of the RA Police Road Service. The inspector who was examining E. S. instructed to indicate the correct answers to the questions posed through computer tests.


In the result of the above-mentioned illegal acts undertaken by the inspector, that person passed the psychological tests of the theoretical examination positively.


After the examination, the citizen and G. G. returned to Yerevan, where immediately after receiving 350.000 AMD, G.G. was caught by the RA NSS officers, the Road Police inspector was arrested too.


E. S. was charged under Article 308, Part 1 and Article 314, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, and G. G. was charged under Article 34-178, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, Article 38-308, Part 1 and Article 38-314, Part 1 of the RA criminal Code. The prosecutor sent the criminal case to the court with an indictment against these two mentioned persons on March 1, 2022.


According to the decision 325-N of March 26, 2020 of the RA Government the practical examination is subject to video recording with due equipment which are installed in vehicles and (or) on the vehicle for practical examination. However, the decision stipulates that the territorial subdivisions of the Road Police shall be provided with the transport and technical equipment intended for the practical examination until December 31, 2027.


The analyses shows, however, that although there are certain mechanisms for monitoring theoretical examinations, despite the shortcomings, the examination process is shown, there is no toolkits to control over the practical examination. The latter, among others, contributes to the commitment of such crimes, as evidenced by the driver's licenses obtained by a number of citizens in violation of the law in the result of illegal interference by police officers.


Taking into account the above-mentioned, the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan sent a motion to the Head of the RA Police. It was considered necessary to take effective measures to exclude such actions in Kotayk Registration-Investigation Road Service Department of the RA Police.