16.03.2022 | The criminal scheme of theft from users of bookmaker companies using a computer is revealed

Evidence regarding the commission of embezzlement by applying a specific scheme and using computer technology was acquired within the framework of criminal cases investigated in the Department for the investigation of crimes committed in the field of high technology and cybercrimes of the GID of EIC of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia under the guidance of prosecutors of the Department for crimes against property of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia.


In particular, it was found out that K.V. using computer technology, entered into an agreement with K.S. and E.S.


With a view to commit the crime, K.V. created a ''ADJ-PROMO" with the mobile phone number he uses on the Internet, with the data "K...V...".


The trap page as an advertisement was placed on the social network "lnstagram.com", which advertised fake promotions on the website of the bookmaker's office "adjarabet.am".


Thus, having obtained the data of users of the betting page "Adjarabet.am", K.V. using logins, passwords of gaming accounts and computer equipment, illegally obtained access to the pages of 15 users of "adjarabet.am" and from the amounts available in them, as well as from bank cards linked to gaming accounts, using computer equipment from March 27, 2021  to August 12, 2021 he stole money totaling 4,137,000 drams.


By the combination of sufficient data acquired during the preliminary investigation of K.V. was charged under point 1 of part 3, Art. 181 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. K.S. and E.S. were also charged within the framework of the criminal case.


During the preliminary investigation, the accused K.V. compensated for the damage caused to the victims, as he gave confessions, accepted the charge against him, repented of his deed.


Considering that at this stage of the investigation, the need for the detention of the accused K.V. eliminated, by a decision of the prosecutor the measure of restraint in the form of detention chosen for K.V. was canceled.


The preliminary investigation continues, measures are being taken to identify other persons involved in the criminal scheme.


Having presented in details the criminal mechanism of theft using a computer, the RA Prosecutor General 's Office aims to raise awareness and vigilance of the society in order to take additional measures to protect their personal data, logins and account passwords.


We once again urge citizens to refrain from accepting offers from unidentified persons, organizations, registered pages on various Internet pages, as well as providing mobile phone numbers, passport numbers and other personal data under various pretexts.


At the same time, we encourage betting companies to regularly raise the awareness of their users by all possible means of communication.